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Last price 3,290.00 RON
Volume 0.50 BTC
Daily change 5.00 RON
Last price 736.61 USD
Volume 0.00 BTC
Daily change 0.00 USD
Last price 722.02 EUR
Volume 0.00 BTC
Daily change 0.00 EUR
Last price 214,319.94 HUF
Volume 0.00 BTC
Daily change 0.00 HUF

A total of 23.14 BTC and 84,390.04 RON have been traded this year.

This years price range: 2,823.30 4,212.75 RON

Day open 3,290.00 RON
Day close 3,285.00 RON
Last price 3,290.00 RON 0.00 (0.00%)
Daily change 5.00 RON 0.15%

7 days volume (BTC) 19.03 BTC
7 days volume (RON) 71,969.00 RON
7 days average 3,257.72 RON 32.28 (0.99%)
7 days price range 2,908.49 4,212.75 RON

30 days volume (BTC) 23.14 BTC
30 days volume (RON) 84,390.04 RON
30 days average 3,094.85 RON 195.15 (6.11%)
30 days price range 2,823.30 4,212.75 RON


Date Price Amount
2016-12-05 14:21:41 3290.00 RON 0.01153993 BTC
2016-12-05 13:57:57 3290.00 RON 0.01239569 BTC
2016-12-05 13:23:52 3290.00 RON 0.00177993 BTC
2016-12-05 13:23:52 3291.00 RON 0.01017800 BTC
2016-12-05 11:48:58 3366.25 RON 0.00822131 BTC

Order book

0.010178 BTC 3348.0 RON
0.35336668 BTC 3348.75 RON
0.09336349 BTC 3375.0 RON
0.06696653 BTC 3380.0 RON
2.74520793 BTC 3646.84 RON
0.01306066 BTC 3290.0 RON
0.2466443 BTC 3285.0 RON
0.071538 BTC 3175.12 RON
0.0675 BTC 3175.0 RON
0.01304817 BTC 3123.6 RON

National deposits between 4 and 48 hours

National withdrawals between 2 and 7 days


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Affiliate program

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How does it work

The affiliation program is a way by which we can win new clients and you can easily earn hundreds of euros a month by simply recommending our platform to your friends and people you know.

Once you decide to join an affiliated program on BTCXchange you are automatically given an affiliate link and materials which you can use to promote us. When someone arrives on the platform and registers an account using your link, we will automatically tag him as being your reference. Each transaction your reference makes will bring you more money!

You can check at any time the number of references you have, by simply accessing your affiliate account.


A commission of 40 EUROS will be given to you for each new client you gain. Furthermore, the commission you get for each new client will be allocated to you gradually, in percentages, allowing you to gain three euros for each deposit or withdrawal made by the referrence and two euros for each bitcoin withdrawal. An added one euro will be allocated to you each time the volume traded by your referrence passes one of the following steps: 1.000, 3.000, 6.000, 10.000 and 15.000 EUR.

All the amounts you gain are stored in the affiliate account. These can be claimed and transfered as bitcoin, at the exchange rate given at the date of the transfer, at the address provided by you.

Tips & tricks

You can easly earn thousands of euros a month if:

  • You manage, lead or you are active in comunities (forums, groups on Facebook or Linkedin etc.) of specialists (online marketing, affiliation, SEO, AdWords, Facebook, web design, programming, copywriting, ecommerce).
  • You have a blog which is seen and read by specialists.
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Marketing tools

Below we have provided some logos, adverts and banners that you can easily download. The materials are ideal if you have a blog and want to share your thoughts about our platform. Also you cand use our logos and banners to promote us on forums, in articles or through email. The opportunities are limitless!

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14 Nov 2016

Dear customers,

We are live again! The relaunch of the exchange was successfully completed today at midday GMT+3. All systems are working properly and we are ready to welcome old customers as well as new ones. 

We remind you that all old accounts were removed, therefore you will have to create a new user account. Fill free to use the same username and email, however please choose a different password.


In case of any issues, please contact us at

Happy trading!

BtcXchange Team

Exchange Relaunch

01 Nov 2016

Dear customers,

We are happy to anounce that the process of ownership change is now complete. All systems have been tested and we are now ready to launch the systems. Below are the informations for the relaunch:

1. The date of the relaunch will be Monday 14th of November 12:00 (Bucharest time)

2. Due to security reasons all existing accounts will be removed. You will have to register a new account once the exchange is launched.

Please note, although we have made everything in our powers to test and prepare for the event of relaunch, some minor glitches are possible in the period following the launch. We will be constantly online monitoring the situation and resolving any issues. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

The point of contact during the pre-lauch and post-launch period will be Here we will be able to answer all your questions and resolve any issues.

Kind regards,

BtcXchange Team

Exchange purchase

04 Oct 2016

Dear Customers,

We are happy to anounce that the sale of BTC X CHANGE TRADING SRL including its brands (BtcXchange and BtcXpay) and the technology was finalized successfully.

Bitcoin is the future and we have the honour to take part in its creation in Romania as well as globally. We will make our best to create and maintain a stable, secure and friendly platform for all bitcoin lovers.

At this moment we are working hard on transfering the technology and creation of the new team that will take into its next step of development. We have to perform an important job in reorganizing the company and taking up the technology.

We will keep you posted on the details about the relaunch of the platform.

In hopes of an extraordinary cooperation,

The BtcXchange Team