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A total of 4,692.65 BTC and 7,117,997.31 RON have been traded this year.

This years price range: 250.002,149.00 RON

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0.00 — 0.00 RON

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0.00 BTC

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0.00 RON

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0.00 RON

7 day price range:

0.00 — 0.00 RON

30 day volume (BTC):

0.05 BTC

30 day volume (RON):

74.85 RON

30 day average:

1,663.33 RON

30 day price range:

1,590.00 — 1,800.00 RON


Date Price Amount
2015-02-23 14:42:03 1800.00 RON 0.01500000 BTC
2015-02-17 00:44:48 1590.00 RON 0.01000000 BTC
2015-02-11 12:18:14 1598.00 RON 0.01000000 BTC
2015-02-11 12:17:23 1597.00 RON 0.01000000 BTC
2015-01-03 15:34:48 1598.00 RON 0.05059000 BTC

Order book

0.01000000 BTC 1750.00 RON
0.02000000 BTC 1800.00 RON
0.04500000 BTC 1880.99 RON
1.00000000 BTC 2200.00 RON
6.50000000 BTC 2300.00 RON
0.01000000 BTC 950.00 RON
0.01000000 BTC 924.00 RON
0.01000000 BTC 550.00 RON
0.01000000 BTC 190.00 RON
0.06920000 BTC 90.00 RON

Deposits between 4 and 48 hours

Withdrawals between 2 and 7 days


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bitcoin exchange

Final notice

09 Feb 2015

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that on 11th of february 2015 the BTCXChange servers will be shutdown for an undetermined period.

In case you still have funds on our platform please withdraw them untill this date.

Thank you!



bitcoin exchange

Regaining access to servers

19 Dec 2014

Dear customers of BTCXchange and BTCXpay,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused in recent days. Unfortunately, our main programmer took control over the servers which refuses to hand on his resignation.

Today, December 19th, 2014, after many discussions, we have to resort to legal institutions even if this choice is not a very fast one. Therefore, until regaining accesses, the BTCXchange and BTCXpay services will not be available.

According the fact that both customer funds and business activity are affected, we asked the authorities to intervene swiftly to set up a committee of independent experts who will determine the potential abuses of our former colleague, Ivan Lucian Aron (also known as Nophinity or Nopex).

Our requests are as follows:
- Users and passwords delivery at all levels;
- Source codes delivery, property of BTCXchange Ltd.;
- Determining user accounts changes and observing prejudices.

We assure all clients that there is no risk of insolvency, but until we regain the server accesses all withdrawal activities are checked manually.

After regaining accesses, we will suspend the activity for a short period of time in order to technically evaluate servers. We estimate the revival of services at the end of January 2015.