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Date Price Amount
2015-08-27 17:37:47 900.70 RON 1.64000000 BTC
2015-08-27 17:09:23 884.96 RON 0.73000000 BTC
2015-08-27 09:31:37 884.96 RON 0.45000000 BTC
2015-08-27 09:31:31 860.35 RON 0.45000000 BTC
2015-08-27 09:31:11 860.35 RON 0.10000000 BTC

Order book

9.28 BTC 900.7 RON
4.8 BTC 909.44 RON
12.0 BTC 918.19 RON
20.0 BTC 926.93 RON
0.5999 BTC 1045.7 RON
0.72883768 BTC 860.35 RON
10.9081612 BTC 844.68 RON
4.78325299 BTC 835.97 RON
11.97098856 BTC 827.26 RON
19.9511331 BTC 818.55 RON

National deposits between 4 and 48 hours

National withdrawals between 2 and 7 days


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We're back!

18 Aug 2015

Starting today, 18.08.2015, BTCXChange is back online!

We had to rebuild the entire platform from scratch and because of that some functionalities are still missing.
For the moment you can trade RON/BTC, with other currencies on the way. 
With a new platform come new advantages:
- registering a new account doesn't require any ID, utility bills or statements.
- AML and KYC  are required by the bank you work with and it's not our duty to ask for them. 
We are working on the payment platform BTCXpay and we are going to launch it soon.
Thank you for your trust and patience!
Best regards, 
BTCXchange Team