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Last price 4,717.00 RON
Volume 40.58 BTC
Daily change 211.00 RON
Last price 1,043.00 EUR
Volume 30.53 BTC
Daily change 45.20 EUR

A total of 585.31 BTC and 2,219,585.08 RON have been traded this year.

This years price range: 2,823.30 4,958.00 RON

Day open 4,507.00 RON
Day close 4,506.00 RON
Last price 4,717.00 RON 210.00 (4.55%)
Daily change 211.00 RON 4.58%

7 days volume (BTC) 31.85 BTC
7 days volume (RON) 140,552.00 RON
7 days average 4,410.15 RON 306.85 (6.72%)
7 days price range 4,186.00 4,550.00 RON

30 days volume (BTC) 301.06 BTC
30 days volume (RON) 1,272,296.60 RON
30 days average 4,257.49 RON 459.51 (10.24%)
30 days price range 3,718.00 4,561.00 RON


Date Price Amount
2017-02-21 16:19:40 4717.00 RON 0.00915284 BTC
2017-02-21 16:19:06 4721.00 RON 0.01000168 BTC
2017-02-21 16:18:32 4762.00 RON 0.00970942 BTC
2017-02-21 16:14:51 4760.00 RON 0.01009926 BTC
2017-02-21 16:08:39 4763.00 RON 0.00124822 BTC

Order book

0.01068362 BTC 4702.0 RON
0.15689302 BTC 4748.0 RON
0.38141451 BTC 4772.0 RON
1.18541892 BTC 4795.0 RON
0.25 BTC 4800.0 RON
0.00952325 BTC 4700.0 RON
0.14109099 BTC 4677.0 RON
2.7957 BTC 4650.0 RON
0.42653187 BTC 4630.0 RON
1.08961595 BTC 4606.0 RON

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National withdrawals between 2 and 7 days


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Changes to the Affiliate Program

31 Jan 2017

Following the reduction of our fees we are amending our affiliate program to reflect the current conditions of operation. The structure of affiliate rewards changes as follows:

- the reward for deposits will only be given for deposits of at least 300 EUR, 300 USD or 1000 RON

- there will no longer be rewards for withdrawals

The full description of the affiliate program can be found here

Introducing Stop Order

26 Jan 2017

As of today we have introduced STOP ORDERS on the exchange. 

A Stop Order allows you to protect yourself or profit from Bitcoin price volatility. A stop order is triggered when a specific price is reached. Once the price is reached the Stop Order transforms automatically into a market order. Lets say you have 1 bitcoin that you want to keep and the current market price for 1 bitcoin is 1,000 euro. However you are worried that the price might fall sharply and you would loose your value. In order to protect yourself, you would place a Stop Sell order at lets say 800 euro. This means that if the price of Bitcoin falls down to 800 euro, your bitcoin will be automatically sold at the market price. This way you can rest assured that in case of a sharp drop in bitcoin price you are protecting your exposure.

Consider an alternative situation in which you are following the Bitcoin price but do not want to buy at the moment, however in case the price starts rising sharply (for instance in case of an important piece of news) you want to sieze the opportunity. To do that you would place a Stop Buy order. Lets say the current market price of bitcoin is 1,000 euro and in case the prices rises above 1,200 you want to buy 1 bitcoin. In this case you would place a Stop Buy order for 1 bitcoin at price 1,200 euro. Once the price reaches 1,200 euro your Stop Buy order will automatically transform into a Market (Instant) Buy order. 

* Please note that when a Stop order is triggered, the order is transformed into a Market (Instant) Order which is executed at the available ask/bid prices at the time of trigger, this means that you are not guaranteed to receive the exact price of the Stop Order.

** Our matching engine follows a strict first come, first served rule, which means that if two Stop Orders are created at the same price, the oldest one will execute first. 

** Stop Orders are not displayed in the order book and are only visible to the user that created them

Also, as of today we have reduced the minimum order amount from 0.01 to 0.001 btc

Bank Holiday - 24 January 2017

24 Jan 2017

Dear Clients,

Please note that 24th of January is officially a holiday in Romania therefore all bank deposits and withdrawals will be processed the next day 25th of January. All bitcoin deposits/withdrawal will function without interruptions.

Best regards,

BtcXchange Team