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Last price 3,702.00 RON
Volume 55.06 BTC
Daily change 120.00 RON
Last price 785.00 EUR
Volume 6.67 BTC
Daily change 0.00 EUR

A total of 243.17 BTC and 733,720.76 RON have been traded this year.

This years price range: 2,823.30 4,958.00 RON

Day open 3,581.00 RON
Day close 3,582.00 RON
Last price 3,702.00 RON 121.00 (3.32%)
Daily change 120.00 RON 3.29%

7 days volume (BTC) 47.91 BTC
7 days volume (RON) 164,964.00 RON
7 days average 3,478.45 RON 223.55 (6.23%)
7 days price range 3,211.00 3,910.00 RON

30 days volume (BTC) 133.17 BTC
30 days volume (RON) 514,000.44 RON
30 days average 3,904.54 RON 202.54 (5.33%)
30 days price range 3,211.00 4,958.00 RON


Date Price Amount
2017-01-17 08:23:09 3702.00 RON 0.21302247 BTC
2017-01-17 08:23:09 3700.00 RON 0.35000000 BTC
2017-01-17 08:23:09 3700.00 RON 0.01000000 BTC
2017-01-17 08:23:09 3684.00 RON 0.31450000 BTC
2017-01-17 08:23:09 3683.00 RON 0.01200000 BTC

Order book

0.02029999 BTC 3649.0 RON
0.2799 BTC 3667.0 RON
0.61429999 BTC 3685.0 RON
1.17219999 BTC 3704.0 RON
2.2618 BTC 3722.0 RON
0.0162 BTC 3612.0 RON
0.2808 BTC 3594.0 RON
0.01236 BTC 3583.0 RON
0.609 BTC 3575.0 RON
1.08939999 BTC 3557.0 RON

National deposits between 4 and 48 hours

National withdrawals between 2 and 7 days


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Affiliate program

Do you know someone interested in Bitcoin?

If you think about recommending our platform now you can win 40 euros each time you do this!

How does it work

The affiliation program is a way by which we can win new clients and you can easily earn hundreds of euros a month by simply recommending our platform to your friends and people you know.

Once you decide to join an affiliated program on BTCXchange you are automatically given an affiliate link and materials which you can use to promote us. When someone arrives on the platform and registers an account using your link, we will automatically tag him as being your reference. Each transaction your reference makes will bring you more money!

You can check at any time the number of references you have, by simply accessing your affiliate account.


A commission of 40 EUROS will be given to you for each new client you gain. Furthermore, the commission you get for each new client will be allocated to you gradually, in percentages, allowing you to gain three euros for each deposit or withdrawal made by the referrence and two euros for each bitcoin withdrawal. An added one euro will be allocated to you each time the volume traded by your referrence passes one of the following steps: 1.000, 3.000, 6.000, 10.000 and 15.000 EUR.

All the amounts you gain are stored in the affiliate account. These can be claimed and transfered as bitcoin, at the exchange rate given at the date of the transfer, at the address provided by you.

Tips & tricks

You can easly earn thousands of euros a month if:

  • You manage, lead or you are active in comunities (forums, groups on Facebook or Linkedin etc.) of specialists (online marketing, affiliation, SEO, AdWords, Facebook, web design, programming, copywriting, ecommerce).
  • You have a blog which is seen and read by specialists.
  • You know how to create affiliations by means of paid traffic (Goofle, Facebook). For example, according to the keyword tool from Google, there can be thousands of possible searches for words such as "affiliation", " affiliated marketing", "online money".

Marketing tools

Below we have provided some logos, adverts and banners that you can easily download. The materials are ideal if you have a blog and want to share your thoughts about our platform. Also you cand use our logos and banners to promote us on forums, in articles or through email. The opportunities are limitless!

Click here to download the materials


Reduced fees

11 Jan 2017

In order to reduce your loses during deposits and withdrawals and to reduce the overall friction of bitcoin use, we have decided to reduce our fees to a minimum. Therefore:

- We no longer charge a fee for any deposits, except for the cases when you specify for the transfer fee to be paid by the beneficiary. In this case we will deduct the fee charged by the bank from the deposited amount.

- We will charge a minimal commision on withdrawals to cover the fees charged by the bank, therefore for example withdrawals in RON will cost 3 RON regardles of the withdrawn amount.

You can find a full list of our fees here:

Happy Trading!

BtcXchange Team

Best prices in Romania and bitcoin withdrawal fee reduced!

10 Jan 2017

In our continuous effort to improve our service we are proud to state that BtcXchange is offering the best prices in Romania!

Latest changes:

1. Minor bug fixes in the instant buy/sell price calculations - now the prices are calculated based on the available orders in the order book.

2. Withdrawal fee for bitcoin transfers has now been reduced from 0.005 BTC to 0.001 BTC

Happy trading!

BtcXchange Team

Instant bitcoin transfers - zero confirmations

09 Jan 2017

We are glad to introduce an exciting new feauture - Instant Bitcoint transfers between BtcXchange addresses. 

Tired of waiting for your bitcoin transaction to get confirmed? The transaction fee you have enetered is too small and you have no idea when it will get confirmed? We know how frustrating this situations can be. 

In order to address this issue we have introduced this new functionality in our system. When entering a bitcoin withdrawal address that is hosted on our system (i.e. when you send bitcoins to another user of BtcXchange), the transaction is processed instantly and the bitcoins are credited to the receiver immediately. No need to wait for any confirmations any more. The whole process is automatic and available to all users as of today. No need to change any settings, the platform will automatically recognize internal bitcoin addresses and process the transaction accordingly.