Bank holiday Monday 17th of April

16 Apr 2017

Due to Easter holidays, Monday 17th of April is a Bank holiday. Therefore no fiat deposits and withdrawals will be processed on this day. All banking operations will resume on Tuesday 18th of April. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be processed as usual 24/7.

New bank and 0% withdrawal fees

12 Apr 2017

We have a new banking partner - UniCredit. The new bank details for deposits can be seen on the Deposit page.

Additionally the withdrawal fees for USD, EUR and RON have been reduced to 0%!

A full list of our fees can be viewed here.

Old bank accounts remain active, and all pending deposits will be processed as expected.

Happy Trading!


Volume based fees

27 Mar 2017

A new fee calculation formula was introduced based on the traded volume. From now on, the more you trade, the less you pay.

A full list of the volume-based fees can be found here.

Updated fees

11 Mar 2017

We have updated our fees. Firstly, we have introduced a 1% trading fee that will be charged on all transactions. The trading fee will be charged in the receiving currency, i.e. if you buy bitcoins, the fee will be charged in BTC, when you sell bitcoin for fiat, the fee will be charged in fiat.

We have also modified our operational fees (deposits and withdrawals). A full list of the updated fees can be found here.

Best regards,

BtcXchange Team

BTC/USD pair launched

09 Mar 2017

Today we have successfully launched the BTC/USD pair.

You can now trade in 3 currencies: USD, EUR and RON.

Best regards,

BtcXchange Team

New BtcXchange!

02 Mar 2017

Today we have successfully launched the new design of our platform. This change not only represents a change of image but also the full initiation of the new team behind BtcXchange. This represents an historical moment for our organization, because we can now firmly state that we are a formed organization and the transition period has ended. 

Changes to the Affiliate Program

31 Jan 2017

Following the reduction of our fees we are amending our affiliate program to reflect the current conditions of operation. The structure of affiliate rewards changes as follows:

- the reward for deposits will only be given for deposits of at least 300 EUR, 300 USD or 1000 RON

- there will no longer be rewards for withdrawals

The full description of the affiliate program can be found here

Introducing Stop Order

26 Jan 2017

As of today we have introduced STOP ORDERS on the exchange. 

A Stop Order allows you to protect yourself or profit from Bitcoin price volatility. A stop order is triggered when a specific price is reached. Once the price is reached the Stop Order transforms automatically into a market order. Lets say you have 1 bitcoin that you want to keep and the current market price for 1 bitcoin is 1,000 euro. However you are worried that the price might fall sharply and you would loose your value. In order to protect yourself, you would place a Stop Sell order at lets say 800 euro. This means that if the price of Bitcoin falls down to 800 euro, your bitcoin will be automatically sold at the market price. This way you can rest assured that in case of a sharp drop in bitcoin price you are protecting your exposure.

Consider an alternative situation in which you are following the Bitcoin price but do not want to buy at the moment, however in case the price starts rising sharply (for instance in case of an important piece of news) you want to sieze the opportunity. To do that you would place a Stop Buy order. Lets say the current market price of bitcoin is 1,000 euro and in case the prices rises above 1,200 you want to buy 1 bitcoin. In this case you would place a Stop Buy order for 1 bitcoin at price 1,200 euro. Once the price reaches 1,200 euro your Stop Buy order will automatically transform into a Market (Instant) Buy order. 

* Please note that when a Stop order is triggered, the order is transformed into a Market (Instant) Order which is executed at the available ask/bid prices at the time of trigger, this means that you are not guaranteed to receive the exact price of the Stop Order.

** Our matching engine follows a strict first come, first served rule, which means that if two Stop Orders are created at the same price, the oldest one will execute first. 

** Stop Orders are not displayed in the order book and are only visible to the user that created them

Also, as of today we have reduced the minimum order amount from 0.01 to 0.001 btc

Bank Holiday - 24 January 2017

24 Jan 2017

Dear Clients,

Please note that 24th of January is officially a holiday in Romania therefore all bank deposits and withdrawals will be processed the next day 25th of January. All bitcoin deposits/withdrawal will function without interruptions.

Best regards,

BtcXchange Team

Reduced fees

11 Jan 2017

In order to reduce your loses during deposits and withdrawals and to reduce the overall friction of bitcoin use, we have decided to reduce our fees to a minimum. Therefore:

- We no longer charge a fee for any deposits, except for the cases when you specify for the transfer fee to be paid by the beneficiary. In this case we will deduct the fee charged by the bank from the deposited amount.

- We will charge a minimal commision on withdrawals to cover the fees charged by the bank, therefore for example withdrawals in RON will cost 3 RON regardles of the withdrawn amount.

You can find a full list of our fees here:

Happy Trading!

BtcXchange Team

Best prices in Romania and bitcoin withdrawal fee reduced!

10 Jan 2017

In our continuous effort to improve our service we are proud to state that BtcXchange is offering the best prices in Romania!

Latest changes:

1. Minor bug fixes in the instant buy/sell price calculations - now the prices are calculated based on the available orders in the order book.

2. Withdrawal fee for bitcoin transfers has now been reduced from 0.005 BTC to 0.001 BTC

Happy trading!

BtcXchange Team

Instant bitcoin transfers - zero confirmations

09 Jan 2017

We are glad to introduce an exciting new feauture - Instant Bitcoint transfers between BtcXchange addresses. 

Tired of waiting for your bitcoin transaction to get confirmed? The transaction fee you have enetered is too small and you have no idea when it will get confirmed? We know how frustrating this situations can be. 

In order to address this issue we have introduced this new functionality in our system. When entering a bitcoin withdrawal address that is hosted on our system (i.e. when you send bitcoins to another user of BtcXchange), the transaction is processed instantly and the bitcoins are credited to the receiver immediately. No need to wait for any confirmations any more. The whole process is automatic and available to all users as of today. No need to change any settings, the platform will automatically recognize internal bitcoin addresses and process the transaction accordingly.


1 Confirmation Bitcoin Deposits

04 Jan 2017

We now deposit bitcoins to your BtcXchange account with only one confirmation by the bitcoin network.

Now you can trade even faster!


Happy Trading!

BtcXchange Team


14 Nov 2016

Dear customers,

We are live again! The relaunch of the exchange was successfully completed today at midday GMT+3. All systems are working properly and we are ready to welcome old customers as well as new ones. 

We remind you that all old accounts were removed, therefore you will have to create a new user account. Fill free to use the same username and email, however please choose a different password.


In case of any issues, please contact us at

Happy trading!

BtcXchange Team

Exchange Relaunch

01 Nov 2016

Dear customers,

We are happy to anounce that the process of ownership change is now complete. All systems have been tested and we are now ready to launch the systems. Below are the informations for the relaunch:

1. The date of the relaunch will be Monday 14th of November 12:00 (Bucharest time)

2. Due to security reasons all existing accounts will be removed. You will have to register a new account once the exchange is launched.

Please note, although we have made everything in our powers to test and prepare for the event of relaunch, some minor glitches are possible in the period following the launch. We will be constantly online monitoring the situation and resolving any issues. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

The point of contact during the pre-lauch and post-launch period will be Here we will be able to answer all your questions and resolve any issues.

Kind regards,

BtcXchange Team

Exchange purchase

04 Oct 2016

Dear Customers,

We are happy to anounce that the sale of BTC X CHANGE TRADING SRL including its brands (BtcXchange and BtcXpay) and the technology was finalized successfully.

Bitcoin is the future and we have the honour to take part in its creation in Romania as well as globally. We will make our best to create and maintain a stable, secure and friendly platform for all bitcoin lovers.

At this moment we are working hard on transfering the technology and creation of the new team that will take into its next step of development. We have to perform an important job in reorganizing the company and taking up the technology.

We will keep you posted on the details about the relaunch of the platform.

In hopes of an extraordinary cooperation,

The BtcXchange Team

BTCXChange is closing

04 Sep 2016

Dear clients,

We kindly ask you to remove all your funds from the platform  as it is going to close down starting the 12 of september  2016.

Thank you for your colaboration,

BTCXchange team

Vindem BTCXchange!

18 Aug 2016

Dragi bitcoineri, 

Bitcoin inseamna viitorul, inflacarat de aceasta idee acum cativa ani am inceput sa investesc in BTC, atat in monede cat si in afacerea BTCXchange si BTCXpay. 

Ca tehnologie, moneda si aventura, BTC-ul este exact ce imi doream dar ca afacere am sub-evaluat riscurile asociate acestei afaceri. Dupa evenimentele care au dus la inchiderea platformei BTCXchange in Dec - 2014  dar si dupa evenimentele recente legate de BITFinex cred ca a gestiona banii oamenilor inseamna o responsabilitate extrem de mare, o responsabilitate pe care nu doresc sa o mai port. 

BTCXchange este o platforma extrem de sigura, in cei 4 ani de activitate nu am fost hackati niciodata, aplicatia este testata si functioneaza fara erori, prin platforma noastra s-au tranzactionat peste 2.000.000 euro dealungul activitatii noastre si numarul de clienti creste in fiecare zi. Platforma de plati BTCXpay este in stadiu final de testare.  Responsabilitatea de a gestiona banii oamenilor vine si cu o recompensa financiara pe masura, BTCXchange este o afacere extrem de rentabila ea functionand cu niste costuri extrem de mici si o echipa redusa.

Cred ca Romania are nevoie de un exchange autohton dar eu doresc sa ma retrag din acest domeniu de business si sa ma indrept catre alte zone ma linistite. In concluzie, din respect fata de clienti si comunitate va anunt ca BTCXchange este de vanzare iar etapele vanzarii sunt urmatoarele:

  • Persoanele interesate de achizitia platforma BTCXchange trebuie sa isi anunte intentia pe mailul pana in data de 2 Septembrie 2016.  Si contra unei taxe de 1  BTC transferabili intr-o adresa unica vor primi toate informatiile necesare evaluarii platformei din punct de vedere al businessului, statistici, clienti, afiliati, evolutie, echipamente, arhitectura platformei, informatii privind societatea comerciala etc.
  • In a doua etapa, persoanele interesate vor putea veni la Oradea unde vor putea vizualiza si analiza codul impreuna cu echipa noastra de programatori intalnirea va avea loc in 10 septembrie 2016. In vederea participarii la a doua etapa persoanele interesate trebuie sa completeze taxa de participare cu  2  BTC in aceeasi adresa in care au platit taxa initiala.
  • Etapa finala va consta intr-o oferta secreta transmisa direct pe mailul de corespondenta. Afacerea va fi vanduta persoanei care va oferi cel mai mare pret. Ofertele pot fi depuse pana in data de 16  Septembrie 2016  pe mail dar numai dupa ce au fost indeplinite conditiile din punctele 1 si 2. 

Cu deosebita consideratie,

Horea Vuscan


Update 21.12.2015

21 Dec 2015

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that since 18 December 2015 we have updated the SSL certificate with our company's current data, BTCXchange Trading SRL, to ensure better safety for our customers .

After the initial tests we haven reached A+ rating, as shown in the attached picture.

Best regards,

BTCXchange team


18 Dec 2015

Dear clients,
We would like to inform you that during 25-26 December 2015 and 1-2 January 2016, we will be unable to process any payments, because the banks do not work during legal holidays.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.
Best regards,
BTCXchange team

Update 23.11.2015

23 Nov 2015

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that the bitcoin withdrawal fee has been raised to 0.005 BTC / WITHDRAWAL.

The commission received for each new referral has been changed aswell and now you will get three euros for each deposit or withdrawal made by the referral and two euros for each bitcoin withdrawal made by the referral. An added one euro will be allocated to you each time the volume traded by your referrence passes one of the following steps: 1.000, 3.000, 6.000, 10.000 and 15.000 EUR.

As an improvement, you can now add as many affiliate codes as you please to your account.

Best regards,
the BTCXchange team

Update 04.11.2015

04 Nov 2015

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that we updated the statistics on the first page for a better view of the market. We hope you like it.

Best regards,
the BTCXchange team

Update 21.10.2015

21 Oct 2015

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that the following changes have been made to our platform:

- BTCXchange affiliate program has been launched
- bitcoin deposit confirmations are now reduced to 3
- fees were changed! Please take a minute to see them by clicking here
- added some security features and improvements

Best regards,
BTCXchange team

Scheduled downtime 21.10.2015

20 Oct 2015

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that on the 21 of october 2015 our platform will be down for scheduled maintenance from 13:30 to 16:00 (EET).

BTCXchange would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime and to thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

BTCXchange team

BTCXChange funds recovery

02 Sep 2015

Dear BTCXchange clients,

Following the launch of BTCXchange, we have been contacted by 4 clients which could not retreat their BTC funds when the previous platform was closed, due to the seizure of the servers by our ex collegue Ivan Lucian in 2014.(The amounts do not exceed 10 BTC ) 
Everyone in this situation should file a criminal complaint in case number 2 / D / P / 2015 at DIICOT Oradea. This file analyzes the events that lead to the closing of the previous paltform.
The criminal complaint must include all the proofs that you have related to your claim. In case you need additional infromation please contact us at

Update 01.09.2015

01 Sep 2015

We would like to inform you that the following features have been added to the platform:

- added instant buy / instant sell

- added email notification on bitcoin deposit

- small design changes and security improvements


Best regards,

Btcxchange team


We're back!

18 Aug 2015

Starting today, 18.08.2015, BTCXChange is back online!

We had to rebuild the entire platform from scratch and because of that some functionalities are still missing.
For the moment you can trade RON/BTC, with other currencies on the way. 
With a new platform come new advantages:
- registering a new account doesn't require any ID, utility bills or statements.
- AML and KYC  are required by the bank you work with and it's not our duty to ask for them. 
We are working on the payment platform BTCXpay and we are going to launch it soon.
Thank you for your trust and patience!
Best regards, 
BTCXchange Team